Prayer and fasting

Join us as we march into a month of spiritual warfare. This month we are praying specifically for health and healing.

How to sign up in less than two minutes

Watch the following video that goes through step by step how you can sign up to pray and fast together with your community. 


We want to encourage you to make a powerful choice this month; a life changing choice one that has the potential to stir faith, see God move in your own life, in your  family, friends  in towns, cities and nations.
Simply sign up to set aside a day or several days when you will seek the Lord, fast and pray. Lay something down in your schedule, prioritise this in your life and see the difference it can make.
Jesus spoke in Matthew 6 v 5 & 16 and said WHEN you fast and WHEN you pray .. there was an expectation these things would be part of a believers life.