what is the worship like?

We start at 10.30 am and enjoy contemporary praise and worship with all ages together for around half an hour.

Following this the children (all infant & juniors) are escorted to their own special time of teaching and activities. We will give clear direction from the front of the meeting when it is time for the children to go to their groups - either through a message on the projector screen or from the meeting leader. You'll find that in most of our meetings there will be some notices/ announcements given and an offering taken.

Some people ask whether we are a ‘happy clappy’ church?

Well the short and simple answer is .. Yes …and No!

We certainly think ‘happy and cheerful’ is better than being ‘miserable, boring and dull’, yet you will find in our worship that there are moments when we can also be quieter and reflective.

Although our worship times are led from the 'front' by gifted leaders and musicians, we enjoy and look forward to the family of the church participating and contributing into our times of praise and worship.  One of the church leaders at the front of the meeting will often coordinate the timing of any contributions that take place.

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