what happens on a sunday morning?

Our Sunday morning celebrations start at 10.30 a.m. On your arrival you will have been greeted by our welcome team and shown to a suitable seat. 

There are toilets (and a baby changing area) available at the front right hand side of the main hall, please ask for directions. 

During our meeting we often have praise and worship led by our worship team.  During this time you may see people from the church come forward to share  testimonies, pray, bring an encouragement - usually these are coordinated by one of the leaders , positioned near the front. 

As there is no set format - each week can be very different. 

We do share some notices about what's going on in the church and will nearly always take up an offering - stewards will pass baskets around.  There is no need for our visitors to put anything into the offering, however if you do, you will notice there are offering and tithe envelopes available.  By completing the details on this simple form and using it, the church are able to reclaim any eligible gift aid on any funds given - currently 20 pence for every pound given!

Our children and youth tend to stay with us for around  half an hour and they are released to go to age specific groups. Often then we will have a speaker share a message with the adults. 

Our celebrations usually finish around noon to 12.15 p.m.

Following this there may be further praying for people but generally we close the meeting, parents can go immediately to collect their children and free refreshments are served in the Family Life Centre - a great time to relax and meet new friends.

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