Are you planning to visit for the first time?

We often have visitors come to our Sunday morning meetings and here are a few common questions and answers that we have had asked over the years. We hope they will be of assistance to you but we are always available should you need to know anything else. Please do not hesitate to ask one of our welcome team or if you need to know any additional specific details ahead of visiting then phone (01704 500911) or email us (

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What happens on a Sunday morning?

What is the worship like?
What time do the meetings start?
Who attends?
What is there for babies and toddlers?
What is there for children?
How about for youth?
What is available for students?
Will there be an offering?
Are the buildings fully accessible?

Where can I park my car?
Is there a dress code?

Does anything happen after the meeting?

What do we believe?