Midweek groups

The church meet together, around the region, in smaller, more informal midweek gatherings that we call ‘Connect Groups.

We use this name to help remind us that these smaller groups are there because we want people to be able to connect with God, connect with each other and make connections with those who as yet, don’t personally know Jesus. Whether it’s sharing a meal, going for a walk, praying together, breaking bread or seeing how the Word of God impacts our day-to-day lives, connect groups are a place of faith, fun, food and friendship! They are led by hosts appointed by the church leadership.

The groups meet midweek in homes around the region, so there’s bound to be one near to where you live. Connect Groups are our primary source of pastoral care, they are key building blocks in developing a strong and vibrant church that cares, encourages and reaches out.

It is in these groups that stronger friendships and relationships develop, as you worship, pray and talk about your faith together. There are many other benefits of sharing life together in this way. Discipleship, pastoral support, care and counselling, primarily take place through these smaller groups. The Connect Groups also provide us with a perfect environment to be praying for and reaching out to family, friends and neighbours in our area with the love and life of Jesus.

Contact the church office for details of the connect group meeting nearest to your location.